The Admission season is Here!

…be on time!

With the new admission season incoming, we want to state more about our military school, so that you will copy what we and our mission is all about. As opposed to the stereotypical image of a military school image so often presented by the mass media – the ArmyAcademy is an educational institution first and foremost. Our main focus is always staying on assisting young men in reaching their full-scale potential in all senses of this. Our typical prospective Academy cadet is of good character and has the ability to do well academically and socially – whether he has realized this potential or not.

Security / Fire Safety Guards / Security Officers

We offer both Security Guards and Security Officer Services to our customers in NYC. We can provide you with the proper security for all kinds

Events, Commercial, Non Public

Our security services we provide to our customers are geared towards events, commercial and non public. If your needs are outside of these categories give


We require and deliver the proper degree of attention to your details. We develop strategies for obstacles and take the course of action to get

Request a Consultation

Before starting an admission process, get in touch with our Academy's instructors to get a prior consultation for all matters of it!

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